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The Planning Board is responsible for controlling and guiding development in the Town, with concerns for the impact on:

The Planning Board will ensure that projects are in compliance with Town zoning regulations. In addition, New York State has established procedures which the Board must follow to evaluate the potential impact of a project on the environment. This procedure requires that protection of the environment be given appropriate weight with social and economic considerations, i.e. that all three factors are considered together in reaching a decision. These procedures are called the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act, or SEQRA There are a few terms that are important in understanding the SEQRA process. The SEQRA regulations provide a list of Type I actions and Type II actions. Type I actions are actions that are likely to have an impact on the environment and will require an environmental impact statement. Type II actions are actions which the State has determined will not have an impact on the environment and therefore no further review under SEQRA is required. A negative determination of significance is a determination by the Board that the project will not result in a significant impact to the environment. A positive determination of significance is a determination that a project may result in a significant impact to the environment and therefore must be evaluated in an environmental impact statement.

Planning Board members are appointed by the Town Board, and serve terms of 5 years. The Board meets monthly to discuss the project with the project developer, and express concerns and make suggestions for improvements. All meetings are open to the public. Once the plan has reached a sufficient level of design, a public hearing is held during which interested parties may make comments. Written comments are accepted at any time during the review process. A project developer may be required to make several appearances before the Board, either in work sessions or public meetings, before the Board will make a final decision on the project.

Commercial property owners are sometimes required to appear before the Planning Board when requesting a building permit for an alteration or modification to the property. The Building Dept. will inform the property owner when this is necessary. A Planning Board appearance may also be necessary if the commercial property owner changes the use of the property from what was originally allowed under a certificate of occupancy or under zoning regulations.

Patterson residents are encouraged to attend the public Planning Board meetings so that they may learn about proposed projects that may impact them and the Town at large. Community participation at these meetings is an important part of the review process, and your opinions do count. The Planning Board calendar lists the schedule of work sessions and public meetings, and submission deadlines.

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Comprehensive Plan Documents

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Zoning Regulations

The following Zoning documents have been adopted by the Town of Patterson:

Zoning code (amended 7/22/15)
Stormwater, Soil Erosion, and Sediment Control
Subdivision of Land
Schedule of dimensional requirements for the zoning code
Zoning map

These documents are in PDF format and require the free Adobe Acrobat reader.

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Planning Board Bulletin Board

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